Need Help 2!

What I was saying is Is it true That American standard Architectural Shingles Are now 13 1/4 instead of 12". And If So What are the New bond line An horzental line Meserments I know The starter course is still 11" or 11 1/2 depending who im working 4. By bond lines i mean On 3tab When you pull from the rake to pop lines u do 29" then 35". I was gone 4 1year 5months. Disturbution

We go by 18", 40 1/4", 62 1/2", 84 3/4", 107", etc
We snap the lines 22 1/4" apart.

The shingles aren’t really 5 5/8" exposure like they advertise.
If you snap your lines 22 1/2" apart you will have problems…

i would try to shorten the courses a bit,
to make the numbers even, so it would be easier
for the average roofer to mark off.


We chaulk lines for tie-ins. We use 34".