Need advise on dogie roof i think

i recently finished building my own home,but i think ive came across a major problem in the roof.the roof is attic trusses in a dormer bungalow,the problem is ,when i put my level on to some of the trusses they r not plumb.i have roof tiles on the roof ,an im worried incase its a major problem an i hav to get them removed an do it all over again.any sugestions :x

as far as i know trusses in the attic
are never perfect.

unless you here noises in attic.
stay out of attic.


attic trusses r where there is living space in it.(dormer bungalow) any advice out there ,i thought id have a reply by now

We need some more info to give a good response.

How out of plumb are they? Are we talking 10’ long or 30’. Got any pictures?

ill take photos an ill post thm in the next few days.