Need advice on mounting knitted shade tarp to roof

Just joined (Diyer) looking for advice

I have a sunroom 12’ x 21’that gets to hot (south facing in Denver,CO area)

I am suspending a knitted black shade tarp (from it that will rollup via a pulley rope system I constructed

Need to attached pulley system built inside a 5" pipe that is 21’ long to the roof parallel to the roof edge about 2 ’ from the edge.

My plan was to mount 21’ of pressure treated 4x4 on top of the shingles but am concerned with water pooling, causing leaks. So I thought if I router maybe 1.5" cut out on the roof side of the 4 x 4 (except where I want to bolt the 4x4 to the roof) to let water and melting snow to pass that would be sufficient… What do you all think?? Am I crazy and should consider other alternatives?

There is no place for connecting the tarp to the soffit edger board

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

densvxer (Subaru SVX Fan)

First of all, are you a Donko fan? If you are I can’t help you, but I will say that you are crazy if you are thinking of drilling a bunch of holes in your shingle roof and don’t expect it to leak.


Buy the blinds for the sun room.