Need advice from a pro: drip edge installation


What are your thoughts on how my roofer installed my drip edge? (Notwithstanding the fact that it’s not “real” drip edge – it just appears they took some aluminum coil and put a break in it. When I referenced my contract, I realized that they made this seem like a good thing, by saying the drip edge would be “custom made for the roof pitch.”)

I don’t necessarily have a problem if it’s not “real” drip edge, per se – except for the fact that it looks horrible: The overlaps look crappy and the “tabs” they cut out to deal with the gutter hangers look abominable. Worst of all, they didn’t even break it at the correct angle – at some points on the roof, the drip edge is on the same angle as the shingles themselves, which means that the rain is shooting right over top of the gutters!

What do you think? Does this seem like it was done to industry standards?

Thanks for your help.


They bent the metal correctly.
The installation, not so much.
They forgot to crimp that one piece of drip edge on to the other in the second pic.

The cutting around gutter spikes is normal
But they cut them twice as high as they should have.
You can Push the metal flaps back down.

Im afraid this cosmetic carelessness is a sign of other more important roofing techniques not executed.


Lulz. Gutter spikes and ferruls? Has the gutter contractor never heard of hidden hangers and screws?


Yup, seems problematic, overall.

I’m a newbie here, by the way. I’m glad to have found this great online roofing community. I joined up in the hopes of learning a thing or two from the other members here. Whenever I’m taking a break from this particular activity, I’m usually found at the living room, treating my Pomeranian to his dog bone and watching TV with my wife. Such a simple, yet, happy life. Cheers, everyone!


Thanks, Travis.


The gutters are original to the house so I can’t blame my roofer for that!


Thanks for your response!