Need advice for leak where metal roof meets flat roof

We have a leak from either poor flashing or simply design. A contractor friend did temporarily stop the leak by spraying a rubberized coating at the joint of the two roofs (see photos), but when I checked it out yesterday, I could see where the coating is coming off and “ripping.” Any suggestions of what I can do at the joint of these two roofs to seal it off? (we have a blooming tree, hence all the white petals.) IMG_8863

Most likely the flat section doesn’t go far enough the transition under the metal. The metal also appears to be a little too low into the transition and could actually be cutting the membrane.

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Not being a roofer, is this something I can fix with a sealant of some type? I don’t care what it looks like, because this cannot be seen from the ground.

Agree that it is likely the metal cutting into the rubber.
I would have pin pointed it and fixed it.

But now its all gooped up and has stopped the leak.
So in this case, you could purchase “Gaco patch” and goop it some more.
I think you will be satisfied with the results.
Call all the dedicated roofing supply companies in your area to get it.

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Great idea, roof_lover. I looked this up, ran it by my friend, and he said “yep!”