Need advice, Commercial roof

I am running Low voltage wires across a commercial flat tar rooftop. I wasn’t sure if it is recommended to run the wires in PVC pipe or EMT electrical pipe? Also as far as strapping the Pipe down, is a adhesive recommended over fasteners? I do not want to be the cause of any leaks. The jobsite is in NY incase that matters as far as local building codes go.

Is there any reason why these wires can’t be re-routed thru the inside and then up thru a pitch pocket close to the unit that the wires attach to? eliminate corrosion possibilities, and roofing problems all at the same time!!

pvc pipe wont rust so its better. running it on top of pieces of 4"x4" PT sleepers is the way to go. Its also good to rest sleepers on some carey tread or a slip sheet of membrane as a buffer. Do not fasten anything through the roof itself.

I would like to run wires from inside, the building is a car dealership with a loaded showroom. Customer rather me run wires across top of roof then bring a scissor-lift inside showroom. I always run all my wires indoors. If it strongly suggested that it should not be done, customer has no choice. Although if I can run on top of roof, what is suggested to use? Do I then coat with tar? Do I use the tar to secure the pipe to roof? Any suggestions would be a great help. Thank you

I just told you the best way. forget playing with the tar.

ditto rooferj,
little less demanding.


Thank you for the help guys