Need advice: Clay Tile Roof Replacement on a 1924 House


Hi. I am looking for thoughts / advice on replacing a tile roof. I am considering buying a house in Virginia that, to put it simply, will be a MAJOR project. The house was built in 1924 and does not appear to have been well maintained for the past 20 years or more. The roof itself is simple…hipped on a two story brick square. It appears to have been leaking above every room except the center hall for some time. I am guessing at this point that the roof and some of the structure beneath will have to be replaced. (I haven’t done a thorough investigation yet.) Inside, I have assumed that all ceilings and insulation will need to be replaced.

I don’t have experience with tile so I’m not sure what to expect in terms of $$ and contractors. Could anyone lend advice and/or thoughts? Thanks!!


alot of money… wish I could go in to more detail but Im not very familiar with clay except for the fact that its very expensive and labor intensive


maybe you’ll be lucky and the decking hasn’t rotted from the metal deterioration, but has gone straight thru
to the plaster…and more lucky if the tiles are in good shape. Then you can stage, remove and store on staging, repair, and re-install all good tile…leave a less exposed area as a tile farm…meaning…if you run out…use those tiles that are weathered and any new tile will be used in the hidden area. Slow going but easily doable…most likely all exterior trim will need a little love, but depending on the detail…newer composite products will make replacement of same a life time of maintenance free work. pictures would help…did you say Virginia?
look up a guy named tinner AKA Frank Albert…likes to roof naked, but invite him to your barbecues…he brings his own
cooking sauces. One good thing about a job like this for a travelling crew, especially if you can provide housing during the project…they might be able to do you insulation and plaster work on rainy days and nights. I’d be interested, and could gather up a fairly well qualified crew of Geritol guzzling, Viagra denying, roofing mechanics if needed. Hope this helps.


There are many kinds of tile. Ludwicki, Monier, and others. Cost will depend on what can be salvaged, among other things.
Figure at least $1,500. per sq, minimum to get the ball rolling. Call anytime.