NARC memberships


anyone here have them? i like their slope manual think its worth the trouble and the money? and did you guys purchase any of their books?


you mean NRCA


HEHE god i can’t believe i did that yeah sorry man


We used to go to there convention once a year as well as NERCA in the north east. We were a member for a long while but didn’t renew, Im thinking of reuping in the spring. I did not get that much out of it but its nice to be a part of it. I still get there magazine “Profesional Roofing” a lot of good articles.
more geared toward commercial roofing. We still do some commercial but I am routinely underbid on a lot of them.


I agree with rooferJ.

We have them they are nice. Refer to them from time to time.

I didn’t get much out of the membership though.