Nails / Staples / Caps to attach undrelayment

I almost bought one of those last week. They work pretty good?

They take some getting used to,but yeah they work pretty good.

We stopped using ours because the caps either break in half or the staples just aint long enough…

Very cheap tools, but get the job done quick.
We use the same thing, but the newer version is so much better. More compact, and is auto fed.
I tell ya, they hold very well.

Ok it has I now understand why some of you dont like staples. Buy one of these and you’ll never use cap nails again. This is what real roofers use. … B0037UZODS

I miss the good old days. Everything was hand driven. Now you have guns to install felt and shingles. They are makin it so easy, everyone thinks he can do it.

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More work for roofers…in the end… :mrgreen:

I’ve been doing roofing for years my grandfather taught me to use nails with felt he didn’t use the nails with felt just the standard roofing nails he said and I quote" don’t need to use the fancy cap nails didn’t use them when I was a boy and not going to start now" he did his roof like this and it’s still staying strong after 15 yrs

Modern synthetic underlayments require plastic cap nails to remain water tight and perform as advertised.

If regular staples are used on synthetic underlayment it will leak.

Could leak sure, definitely not guaranteed. When synthetic first came on the scene here we stapled it, and even slapped down to cover a roof before downpours we never had it leak.
These days we use regular roofing nails unless it’s going to be left for a long period,than its caps.

Dupont has a relatively new synthetic they allow you to staple as well

We have this debate every 2 years or so. We still use 30# and staples, on a walkable open field one guy can put 2 sq on in 5 minutes. We do alot of complicated work and sometimes have things felted for a week or 2 and never have issues with good 30#. I personally don’t like relying on plastic caps to keep the water out with synthetic.

Use em for caps on Ridgevent, makes the cap go a lot faster :wink: other than that no where else haha