My website is now "live" - still updating

We’re doing updates, so let’s just check out the current version…

A few of the tabs are empty, so check back inna bit to see what it looks like as time goes on.

PS: I’ve been busier than a one legged man @ a butt kicking contest, so that’s why y’all haven’t seen me around in awhile. Plus, my other computer has login issues for this site (unless that concern has been addressed).

Your opinions are appreciated.

Looks good so far. One spelling error. In the FAQ section, The layover question.

Do you do “layovers,” or “second roofs” (putting uew shingles directly on top of old ones?)

While this is permissable in most cases, it is not what we consider to be “best practices.” The short answer to this question is “no.”

What’s the incorrect word? Permissible? That’s all I can see…

We also now have a “Request A Quote” page & it’s tied in through the “Contact Us” tab (I think Request A Quote will possibly get it’s own page).


putting uew — thats what caught my eye

hahaha…getting all your customers to pose on the roof caught my eye! :slight_smile:

Whoops… “uew”.

Will fix that.

BTW, I asked my web guy if he was interested in selling this same format to other roofers & he said “yes”… my only request is that he not sell it in my servicing market, which is gonna be pretty much all of Texas now that we’re doing Dura-Last.

If you’re interested, it will be hosted @ a facility of your choice (or he can host it with You can do as little or as much to it on your own.

If any of you are interested, state it here, on this thread.

BTW, we now have a “Request A Quote” option under the Contact Us tab as well as a few changes to the FAQ page. I think I want to change the font so that the words are more easily read.