My roof needs a new roof


I’m trying to figure out my materials list for replacing my shingles on my roof. Its 28× 50 and I want to put archetecual shingles on. Its a basic a frame 7. 12 pitch


Assuming the building has 2’ overhangs the roof area is 20 sq actual.

19 pc drip edge
56’ cap & ridgevent
220’ ice & water shield
16 sq underlayment
22 sq shingles
120’ starters
5 lb 3" roofing nails for ridgevent
2 boxes 7,200 ct coil roofing nails
A new boot for each pipe on the roof.
2 tubes plastic cement.

If you use synthetic underlayment you need to get plastic cap nails to secure it.

If you use regular felt you can use cap nails or staples.