My new roof need opinions


Hello everyone new to the forum but I just got a new roof and I’m trying to seek answers to my questions… I believe I have what is called a closed cut Valley but they wove the shingles at the bottom of the roof. there is a vent pipe about 2ft from the bottom it appears to me this created a problem for them that they couldn’t figure out… I need to get better pictures any opinions?


Also forgot to mention the bumpiness of it… should it be re-done


Its not a good picture,
But i dont see anything wrong.


they ended up coming back and fixing the Gap if you can see in the first picture


Is this a reroof over the old roof or a tear off reroof. With how lumpy it is it looks like a reroof over the old roof. If is a tear off reroof it is a horrible install, not to mention the soil stack flashing looks to be install improperly. The bottom portion of the stack flashing should never be covered by shingles. That just restricts water flow and eventually cause issues.