My friends first OSHA sub. Citation

My friends company subs got a citation today for a number of things, hard hats and fall protection. What Is he, as the contractor supposed to expect from the DOL OSHA? Are they going to fine him? How much to expect the fine to be?

Im so sorry to hear this!
North Carolina i assume?

Does he have a written subcontractor agreement with this sub?

Guys, he is based in North Carolina, and he does not have a written agreement. Would it be better if he had a written agreement with the subcontractor? Should it state that they are liable for all OSHA requirements? Thanks for the help.

I live in VA and this exact same thing happened to me 2 years ago. We both paid fines. A written agreement was never brought up.

Ron if you don’t mind me asking, how much were the tickets for?

$5000 for me and the same for my sub. $3000 if you paid within 30 days. Had about the same violations as the OP.

Thanks Ron, I will let me friend know what to expect.

The written agreement is usually more an issue with your insurance company. They want one with your subs, and you be added to their policies as “additionaly insured”.

First thing, your friend wasn’t very responsible with the safety of the subs. Sign up on the OSHA website for information, but don’t add a bunch of topics or you’ll get 20 emails a day. We participate in the fall protection program with OSHA every year.
Just before Christmas, the framer saw my truck in the nail store. I don’t know him other than we are cordial on the project. He ask me where I buy my harness system. I told him the roofing supply or here at the nail store. He told me he was ticketed for fall protection. $7500. I’m assuming it’s as a contractor and not each worker, but I could be wrong. He did tell me that the agent said any safety equipment he purchased and provided receipts would be deducted from the fine. Your friend might ask about that. I’d rather spend a couple thousand on fall protection than give to the gov to waste. Don’t return it
after the fines paid.

That’s what I told him, but unfortunately he was under the impression that the subcontractor worked under a separate company so they are liable for OSHA compliance. I guess he will have to learn the hard way. He’s having a meeting at the OSHA office tomorrow, I will pass this information down to him and see if it helps him in any way. Thanks Roofer.