Murphy's Law

Update: This Roof is freaking me out! OK, it has rained here – lots of thunderstorms every evening…today was OK so my Roof was started; replaced 6 sheets of wood, got the Certainteed Integrity System, 2 rows of Water/Ice; Roofer’s Select High Performance Fiberglass reinforced underlayment; drip edge; Shingle Vent II; flashing (and some weird little silver covers that were put over the bathroom/laundry room vent pipes ?). Now for the problem – ran out of shingles! Needed 2 more packages (1 for the roof and 1 for me); the Supply Center had closed for the day. A tarp was put on; thank God, the rain didn’t last too long, but was rather heavy. Went out to look at the Roof and there is White Stuff ? all over the roof in the back – I couldn’t tell about the front because it is on an incline. Does anyone know what this is – what could cause this to happen? Also, I’m not real pleased with the Ridge Vent because it is not Level. The foreman said that couldn’t be helped because of the Roof Line of my house is not even. (The one on the house behind me sits much lower than my Vent and is nice and Level (maybe it is the rolled foam, I don’t know). Also, the workers left the Roofing Underlayment on the driveway and now it is soaked and need to be used tomorrow, I guess; it was too heavy for me to move it inside. Other than all that, the Shingles look nice and is a pretty “medium” color – just right. But I’m not a “happy camper” over the “White Stuff” on the roof. :cry:

Is the white stuff sawdust by chance?

No, they used a blower and got all the sawdust off. It is hard to describe … sort of like if you had paint that was thinned with water and it ran down the roof (that probably doesn’t make a lot of sense, but I don’t know how to describe it). At first I thought maybe it was something that they used around the flashing, like some type of sealant; however, it is all over not just where the pipes were flashed.

maybe some kind of chalk from snapping lines…?

I saw them using a chalk line, but I thought it was blue. It started pouring rain about 15 minutes after they left. Could something be leaching from the shingles or the underlayment? Well, they will be back tomorrow, so I’ll just have to wait for an explanation for this “weird” ocurrence.

Do you have a Cotten Wood Tree in your backyard?


Maybe they used cheap caulk and it ran in the rain? lol.
No way to know without pictures. Maybe a giant buzzard pleasured himself on your roof…