Mountain job


I am heading up to the mountains in southern California to do a job.No 40yr OC available.I will install lifetime dimensional.I was thinking of running 2 layers of 40lb over the eaves then 30lb up to the ridge before I install the lifetime dimensional.Think that will be fine as far as a shield against ice?I`m thinking so but would like some comments.


must be self adhesive to protect against ice.


The installation guide of whatever shingle you use should say what to use in climates where they get snow/ice. Some kind of peel & stick ice and water shield along the eaves, valleys, etc.


S-side johnny

Hey Southside-
got A LOT of experience in this type of roofing example. (Telluride, Elk Mountain, Salmon Lake Colorado- Jackson Hole, Driggs, Victor, Idaho). Pretty much most of my professional resume. Can you tell me the pitch of your roof? Thats a bit important here.

Also, along with a few of the answers already, DO NOT rely on straight felt. Whats the snow level expected where the roof is, elevation, etc. would be helpful. Strictly Ice and Water shield though on the eaves, Minimum 2 feet inside the exterior walls up slope on the roof with the I&W. I prefer 2 rows minimum on most of my roofs. NO 3 tabs allowed.
Pls spec out the remainder of the roof for me and I will get back to you with addt’ls.


Right on thats what I figured.I sent you a PM. the roof elevation is 4600 feet.Its been raining a lot so i havent gotten it done yet.This weekend its on.Thanks