Most popular color shingle?


Guys i’m new to the site and have a pretty basic question so hang in there with me and please give me your professional advice.

What is the most popular asphalt shingle in terms of color and style?

Thanks in advance!


In my area, a 30 yr Weathered Wood laminate.


weatherd wood and pewter grey are the two big ones.


Same here as Axiom.


For me I sell the Gaf/Elf Fox Hollow Gray mostly…Was Elk ,Birch wood. I never return extra,I just leave them in the truck,and sell them on the next eastimate.


Weathered Wood here.


Weatherwood it is!


Here its weathered wood with moire black running a close second. All the other colors are way behind.


I like the grey - my sunroom is fox hollow grey

A lot of houses just seem to have black roofs


30 yr arch weathered wood is 80% or more of my business


30 yr arc. gray or wht.



last year we did alot of the pewter grey and aspen greys and like 30-40% of the many roofs we did were desert tan --did an awful puke mixed with baby food pea green one too


Me loves black


hickory (burnt sienna) and charcoal have been very popular for me the past few years.


Wow! that was perfect. needed a alot of advice and got it. thank you all for the help. i’m new to the business but more on the end of supplying shingles.

thank you all again,