More joys of Roofing


As if running a roofing company isn’t stressful enough, as you grow the problems grow with you. My newest issues are that some of my employees have informed me that my service department estimator has been doing side jobs every weekend for the last 2 years thanks to my customers and his shadiness. They have also told me that while he was a foreman of one of the crews, he would take the extra materials from the job, stop at home on his way back to the shop at the end of the day, and his garage is slowing becoming the next ABC supply. The funny thing is that my biggest competitors’ version of that guy just quit his job and came to me looking for a job,so you would think the solution is easy, I now have a replacement. The problem is that Ive been told by employees that used to work for my competitor that he was stealing work all day from that guy!! Im wondering if anyone has solutions for salepeople taking work from you or employees stealing material from you.
I have a salesperson that sells whole roofing jobs and he is not the manual labor type so I’m not worried about him. What is awesome to have, however, is a repair tech that can quote the repair and tell the customer they could do it right then…the customer is willing to pay more and the tech doesn’t need to come back. But whats to keep the tech from saying Ill fix it now for half the price in cash on my companys time or Ill fix it this weekend for considerably less than my company can do it for???


You have to find honest guys, doing background checks and so forth only get you so far. One thing we did is every once and a while had a friend with a problem we created go over and see if he would do anything wrong. Set him up and see what he does. Calling his old place of work does help. One thing is you can not do is stop people from being dishonest. It happens all the time and you have to just be lucky i guess. Set a few repairs up that nothing are wrong with at your frends homes and see what he accutaly does. That will see what kind of person you have if he trys to sell things that are not needed.


Find good workers and pay them enough that they will value the job and not need to cheat on it. If you are the top paying employer in your area you’ll get the best guys and their loyalty. If you are paying well and the guy is dishonest then cut him loose and find one who appreciates it. …DaveB


I used to work with a guy who would steal jobs from the boss. You know, people would walk up and ask abotu the company and he would say I can do it for cheaper on the weekend. I did not appreciate that because that took away from my money so I let it be known and he lost his job.

I do not have that problem anymore. I think mainly because I pay the guys who are actually able to handle a side job on their own enough money that it is not worth it to them.

Another thing I did was start a fund for bonuses. I have a percentage of each job that goes only towards payroll of course, if we stay under that percent, money goes into the fund. Simply put lets say its 20 percent for labor. The guys only use 17 percent of the labor cost. So if that 20 percent was 2000 grand towards labor and it only cost me 1700, that extra 300 hundred gets thrown into the fund. At the end of the year, everyone gets a bonus check for that amount based on how long they have been employeed with me.

You have to remember with roofing that a LOT but not all of the guys you work with are, well basically just plain losers only looking to find a way to make an extra dollar for whatever reason. You just have to find the right guys and when you do, pay them more than anyone else will so they do not leave.


Story along the same line: 2 guys working for a company-job signs-trucks lettered ect…neighbor comes over and ask for a price to do some roof repairs , they give a price of $600.00 cash,he says okay they do the work,get paid ect…2 weeks later the customer calls the office asking for a reciept for the work that was done…lol…Owner had them payback all the money ect… kept them on for awhile,until he found out that was not the first time ect…not only stealing work but also material ect…


I had somthing similar happen to me years back. two of my shinglers came in on a saturday and started working on the neibors house next to one of my jobs.
I had already given the guy an estimate but it would be about a month before we could get to him. well this guy working for me made an underhanded deal thinking I wouldnt find out. Sure enough I did get tiped off. So I showed up and took down there ladders while they were on the roof :smiley:
I eventually let them down, and he wrote me a check.
The two guys were fired shortly after.


If you hire them on contract with a no compete clause oh say with in 50 to 100 miles from your territory. Seams problems would handle their selfs. But I was Just Thoughin It. LOl


i think we all could be accussed of takin work
and/or materials.
and i also think that we can be accussed of givin
work and/or materials.

its when the take starts weighin more than the give
that the trouble usually starts.

talk to the person.



I had a guy worked for me for two years. Mostly as a production manager. He comes to me one day and says “You need to make me your partner or I’ll quit”.

I says “sure, give $250,000.00 and you can be partner”

That pissed him off and he quit.

Come to find out, two weeks earlier, while I was in Mexico, he did a job with my crew and my equipment and everything. The guys didn’t think nothing of it because he was production manager. He always told them what to do.

He took the profit from that and started his own business. He wrote a letter to all my builders (once upon atime I did all new work) says that he and I are no longer partners and he would love the chance to service them. He had been telling people for a long time that we were partners.

He took one builder (that was a big pain in the ass) and one employee (good riddance)

I still see him around from time to time. He doesn’t bother me. I think he makes most all his money from selling pot. Scumbag!


Its difficult to escape from employees/subs taking sidejobs. In fact, 90% of the time I spend on sites is solely to meet people who stop at the worksite to inquire about an estimate. If I weren’t there, I rarely find out about it.

It’s just one of the deals of being in the business. Oh, and NEVER take a sub, roofer, or other type to measure or see a house. I promise you, 9 out of 10 times they’ll show up on their own and try to make a deal under the table.

I have one crew under payroll and two subs I trust. I try to plan my work so I don’t have to hire subs.


[quote]Oh, and NEVER take a sub, roofer, or other type to measure or see a house. I promise you, 9 out of 10 times they’ll show up on their own and try to make a deal under the table.

I’ve never seen or heard of someone doing that at the places I’ve worked. I’ve heard tales of it happening but never close to home.