Monier villa concrete tile

Homeowner here,

Insurance co. Is requesting an Itel report to verify my tile is no longer available. Both roofer & I have found information online saying company is no longer in U.S.

Based off of that report insurance company will either pay for a full replacement or if Itel finds a suitable replacement they will recommend using that tile for repairs.

Obviously i prefer a new roof.

My question to you pros is:

Have any of you had this specific concrete tile tested through Itel?

& if so what was the result? Was a suitable replacement found?

Thanks in advance for any input.

Doesn’t matter what anybody else has done. The process is to submit to Itel. Send it to Itel and go from there. Most anything else you do will accomplish nothing more than to delay the entire process.

Monier has been gone since about 2011 or 12, which you already know. I visited the plant in Brookshire Texas to pick through their boneyard a few times. Just for my future info, if the material was available, was the insurance company going to do repairs?. I’m just trying to understand why it would matter if a tile roof was damaged that bad, whether it was discontinued. Must have been some serious damage.
On another note, I’ve bought some online, just for repairs. I had sherwin Williams do the best color match possible. Move some originals to the front and install the painted in an area that isn’t seen.

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Thaks for the quick responses.

Tile was not damaged during hailstorm.
Most of my roof is tile except an area where an a.c. unit is mounted. That area has shingle which does have hail damage. Insurance allowed to detach & reset some tile to properly replace shingle. (I think tile overlaps existing shingle a bit)

The issue is roofer is almost sure some tiles will break in the removal process especially along some ridge & hip because current tiles have concrete mortar in those areas making those tiles hard to salvage.

Monier was an extruded concrete tile manufacturer. Lifetile was an extruded concrete tile manufacturer. They became one company owned in total or in part by Boral and branded as MonierLifetile.

Boral also owned half of US Tile (Lafarge being the other 50% stake holder). Boral bought out Lafarge’s interest in UST and now owns all of it.

Boral now brands their extruded concrete tile and clay tile as Boral products.

Boral still makes the “Villa” profile; however, if you have an OLD concrete tile that was mosty likely Monier “Monray” then the profile will not work for you as the barrell portion is too small width and too high of a profile to fit with the latest iteration of Boral Villa (which has been around for 15+ years).

If you need the tight and tall Monray profile to work with your current roof, they tiles are available. I have quite a bit of it in my yard for repairs.

I am in South Texas and in need of Monier Monray roof tiles
can someone text me asap
(410) 608-2195

Any of that Monier Monray left your boneyard? Need up to 3 squares