Moisture during roofing


We are getting new roof installed and am worried about the moisture

Day 1. Cloudy - Old roof removed, some rotted wood replaced. It was drizzling end of day while workers put on felt. (we were not home to know how wet the wood was)

Day 2. Cloudy weather ~ 65 degrees Workers continue to replace old wood added some new roofing.

Day 3. Cloudy 65 Degrees - Added more roofing 85% roofing done

unexpected drizzling ALL NIGHT after 3rd night and felt was not covered or tarped

Day 4. Felt is wet no roofing done.

Day 5 will finish roofing

My concern is is with the moisture. It has been cold and cloudy all week.

  1. I don’t know how wet the OSB was during the light drizzle the first day when they placed the felt down. They didn’t do most of the roofing until the 3rd day (no rain but cloudy). I am concerned because of the old damp weather.

  2. I am also worried about the integrity of the OSB under the felt when it was not protected while it was drizzling all night. Fortunately, 85 -90% was re-roofed by then.

What it s the best and worst I can expect? Thank you for any feedback.


The purpose of the felt is to protect the deck. The felt does not need to be tarped, you should be fine.


If they fixed the bad wood, and kept your house dry through the process you found some respectable roofers.


Thanks for the feedback. So shingle over damp felt is ok? Deck seemed to be dry, though.


Absolutely, it gets done all winter long and in rainy parts of the country all year long. If your roofer got you through a rainy week with no leaks he did a good job.


We only had drizzle during the night so the real test will be in fall/winter. Thank you for the peace of mind!


Thank you PATCHAP and MPA. I was concerned the wet wood would mildew with the shingles on wet felt. Thanks for giving me a peace of mind!