Modified SBS bitumen Roofing

I just had modified bitumen Roofing SBS installed. It has waves in it the contractor said that when it gets warmer outside it will flatten out I don’t believe that it looks terrible need people’s opinions on what they can do to fix it

please also tell me what can be done to fix this. I’m located in Cincinnati ohio. it looks terrible but obviously I don’t have the knowledge but I did pay about 5000 with material and with paying the roofer. I’m thinking about taking him to court but I want to make sure that this can’t be fixed I don’t want to contact him until I know for sure what my best options are if it’s able to be fixed for a little bit I would do that but I don’t think so. Please give me options only if u have experience doing Roofing.

If you know the brand of SBS, contact the company or manufacturer’s rep and have him look at the picture. He will be able to tell you if it will lay down. I “assume” it is a self-adhered product. If so, it probably won’t lay down and stick.

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Ok thanks for the info will contact them. the contractor swears it wont leak, but i dont belive him. anyone else have any ideas. or how to fix thx

In your area it is too cold to install this time of year. The wrinkles will most likely create some kind of fish mouth in a seam and eventually leak. We are a much warmer climate than yours and will not install this after early November.

i get that roofer said he would bring a tent and a heater and it would work. however it did not. if anyone has a cheap way to fix so it wont leak let me know i spent more then i should have and just dont want to spend to much more. Otherwise if i cant fix will be taking the contractor to court.

As long as this roof has a pitch on it,
I dont think it will leak in the field.
I dont think the wrinkles will mostly go away.

Heres the real problem,
I believe he may have heated the seams, maybe not
But he should have heated the whole roll.
Even though the manufacture says you dont need to and dont do it…

If the surface you are adhering to is not warm
And the self-adhered is not warm, it will not bond through-ally

I use a torch on all my self-adhered products when its cold outside.

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lmao,not gonna lie,i had few flat additions like this wrinkling when i was torching only seams back few years ago.
now same as rooflover only whole thing as regular torch rolls.

That is only true for self adhering modified. We still do Torch, Hot and Cold Applied in Ohio as long as it is above freezing or at worse upper 20s and sunny. You have to go very slow and it takes a lot longer to make sure it is done right though.

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SBS roofing is a fairly thick product. The large wrinkles in this will probably never relax out. If the roll is self adhered a few good sunny days should get the surrounding material to adhere to the substrate.

As far as leaks go that entirely depends on the seams being adhered well. If they are then you probably won’t see any leaks anytime soon. The issue with the wrinkles is that they will likely cause the laps to fail prematurely. You can check the seams with a probe you can buy at any roof supply house.

The correct repair is to cut the wrinkle, apply adhesive, torch, or asphalt to adhere the membrane, and then install a patch with the selvage edge cut off which butts up to the seam and extends to the edge of the roll. Some of the small wrinkles might not need this but most of the bigger ones will.

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Alright I appreciate that response however he promised he would bring a heater and the 10th so if the weather was below it would help however he did not we used our wood burning stove in the garage below it which I don’t think helped since it wont be hot enough outside 38 degrees. My question is is it fixable is there any way to flatten out those waves or do we have to pull the top piece off and redo it. If anybody has any information on how to fix it please give us your honest suggestions we just spent about 4,500 don’t want to spend too much more. If it’s possible otherwise we might have to take this roofer to court. He did do all the tear down. Also replaced the all the wood and the decking. So basically do you think it’s better just to tear off the top layer and just do rubber roofing??. Please give me your honest opinion.

Is there any ways to fix roofs that are doing this I mean the roofer lied to me did not do what he was supposed to do. But if I can get it fixed maybe under you know a thousand I’ll do it and just move on because going to court this and that I feel that the roofer does not have enough money and it’s a hassle but obviously if there’s no other way to fix it and it will leak I will have to take him to court cuz I cannot do that I just spent money and if it’s not fixed correctly and at least I’ll have to take him to court.

Well the weather was about 35-40 degrees when we did it and I know that this material it needs to be 45 degrees or higher to work correctly so if anybody has any way of fixing it please let me know

all i did was caulked at the end of wrinkles as it wasnt functional but aesthetics, otherwise it should be cut and torched over the crevise
yours look big enough to fuck around with patching.roofer has to tear off and reinstall new rolls.

Do you have any pictures of your before and after so I can see what it looks like because every other roofer that I show this picture to says it needs to be redone I know there’s a way to fix it but I just don’t know how and I don’t want to pay a lot more to get it fixed

Assuming it isn’t leaking now… have you considered just asking the contractor to redo it in warm weather? Seems like that’s the easiest solution to me.

Yep and I know he’s not going to do it. Because he already did it and he guaranteed 5 years that it will not leak. But it looks terrible and I just wanted to see based on that will at least I think it will because after talking to the manufacturer like someone suggested he needs certain pictures so he can be assured that he can tell me if it will leak based on the pictures so I’ll have to just check and get back if I find anything else out thank you

Most contractors guarantee their work to be done in a “workmanlike manner” meaning meeting certain recognizable industry standards (including installation and acceptance standards from the manufacture). No manufacture I know of would accept this craftsmanship on a warranty claim. So you have a potential workmanship claim whether it leaks or not… what’s really bothersome is it sounds like you discussed this cold weather install, they promised a certain procedure to mitigate it and then just didn’t do it resulting in a poor quality install.

Is this an established company? As in they have an office, website, Facebook? If so, I’d ask to talk to the owner / GM. If that’s who you’re dealing with already I’d call them up one last time and explain why you aren’t accepting this work and ask them to agree to redo the work in warm weather. If they still won’t fix it, I’d explain you’ll be posting negative reviews with pics everywhere they have a listing online. I’d then write a professionally worded review stating what you were promised, what they did, what steps you took to fix it and that they refused to redo their work and post it anywhere they have a listing (Yelp, Google, Facebook, IG, BBB reviews, Etc.). If they have 200 reviews they may not care… if they have 20 they will absolutely care. If they’re accredited with BBB file a complaint. This has no teeth but some people do review these complaints when selecting a contractor. In other words, I’d make as much noise as possible to light a fire under them to do the right thing. Many attorneys will write a demand letter for a few hundred bucks so that’s something to consider as well.

If they won’t respond to any of that then the honest truth is you’re probably wasting your time considering small claims as well. You may get the judgement but good luck enforcing it…

I get that I want to see if there’s anything we can do to get that fixed before we take the appropriate action obviously we don’t want to go that route unless we have no other choice someone can fix it for let’s say $500 or they said you have to buy new roles and install it and will charges like $700 I would probably do that I don’t want to take the court because even if you do go to court you don’t know that you will win even if you do win the person might not have the money so it’s not something I want to waste my time and less it’s absolute and that’s the only other option there is so I just need to know if any roofer have any suggestions how to fix this properly where it doesn’t look messed up. We might be able to do something if they have any good ideas please let me know. Again trust me court is not something I want to go to but I will but they already gave me a 5 year warranty however if we find out it’s going to leak and yes I am going to have to take that action I’m just seeing if there’s any other fixes before we take that because regardless we don’t know 100% that even if we win the case he will pay us.

I tried to zoom in to see the laps. I would have liked to see some squeeze flow out the selvage edge. Maybe they were really good and hid it with some granules. It’s a bad deal. Looks like your roofer made a poor decision putting down modified below freezing. The problem is you ain’t gonna fix it for less than $1k and you look at the roof everytime you look out the window.
It’s not done the way it should be so he doesn’t have a defense. You could ask him to fix it or ask him to pay to have it fixed.

thanks i have a professional roofer who i trust. i hope it wont be much to fix but before i do i will talk 2 my brother who lent me some money to get this project done as i feel might have to take him to court. over this. depends on what the roofer says. thx for the help will update when he sees the job.