Mod bit repairs

I’ve got to repair an old BUR with MB over it. Deck repair has been done from the underside, FWIW. The area has ponded for years and is loaded with dirt to the point of calling DNR for a permit to drain the wetland. Apparently the roof rotted out and the drain was removed with overflow scuppers 4" above the deck and surrounded by parapets. The MB was torched down. Tear off is NOT an option. The question is after cleaning as much dirt off as possible, would primer allow the new torch down to adhere? Or should I go with a base sheet and torch to that?

I vote for the base sheet option since primer makes such a mess.

True, primer in 30 degree weather would take a long time to flash. Thanks for the input!

Is your goal to take the ponding out first?

I understand it is just a repair…

But You’ll really need to primer your tie-in
Unless you are taking it all the way up and over the parapet wall.
And in that case, i wouldnt be calling it a repair.

You’re right! Didn’t have primer, so I used EPDM membrane cleaner. Scraped/spudded the BUR tie in, and it bit real nice. Problems I have with BUR with MB patches is the vapor blows the seams due to differential in perms. I pull small patches of MB and mud / mesh them. End up putting in a vapor vent for patches that are larger…

I have a portals plus drain to install. Should I prime the aluminum, torch a target patch on the underside before installing, then prime and torch the sheet over the top? Never done one before…