Any Springfield Missouri Roofers on here?

Just curious about the hail storm a couple of weeks ago. How big, # of houses, etc.

Heard from a storm chasing friend that the storm was fairly large. The area consist of about 525,000 homes. Don’t know for sure how many were damaged though. State Farm Is your best resource for this.

Currently there is 38k claims on dwellings and that is rapidly rising. Reported to be moderate to heavy damage. Northern area said to be the hardest hit.

'07 Was teh suck here in Central Texas for hail. I’m hoping for a repeat of '05… we had a nice one cut a 30 mile long, ~ 10 mile wide path all through town & it affected all economic strata.

All together now, pray with me my Brother Roofers:

“Hail, Hail… We Need Hail!”

We don’t get bad hail here, it is rare…

We pray for Ice Dams. :smiley:

We do low volume roofing for customers who understand the risks and repairs for those that did not

I’d like a year with no hail to catch up on hail claims from 06-07.

In the past two years have done three claims from the infamous 98 hail storm.

Last Summer finished two hail roofs one day and that night both home owners woke up to hail. The year before the same thing happened.

When adjusters ask me what was the hail date I have 2-4 dates depending on area for them.

Wonder what the “good” insurance companies are paying in Missouri? I know I’ll download a price list for comparison.

I thought the homeowner’s only had 1 year to file the claim. Do they allow for a longer period due to shorter work years in MN?

All insurance companies have different time tables as to when work has to be done.

Smart insurance companies would give home owners three to four years in writing so the home owners can let the storm chasers pass by.

Usually storm chasers only stick around for up to two years after a storm. If a storm is late in the Summer more than likely they’ll be long gone by the end of the next year.

An area not far from me got hit with hail late last Summer and over the Winter I’ve gotten more calls than last Fall. All those leads come from my wife who manages a steak house in the area. The customers usually ask “What does your husband do? Oh he roofs, I need a card”. Most of the houses are 50sq+.