Missing the nail line


WOw looked at a roof that was high nailed today and i can say wow. they were nailed at the top of the shingle. Over bad wood mind you. LOL Oh yeah most of the roof was all tore up. a third was laying in the yard.


slow round here too hacthet.

im fortunate to have a few jobs.
my freinds are all out of work.

gtp did you have a storm up there?



Yea but out of my area, bout 60 miles north west. Nothing seems to happen around here. I just get the i dont speak english leads. I bid a job not to do it this week. 31 square walkable 1 layer. 156 a sqaure. Lost to 130 a sqaure. Pricing is so bad right now there is not any money in anything. I have gone thru about 100 estimates and re-priced them to try and get and still nothing. Its well a joke up here. Lets not start on that i can sell trip either. If they dont understand english then i would have to know 20 other languages to connect with them. Altho i called the city and got a work stop on the guys that are underbidding me since they can not pull a permit. I thought that was worth the 20 minutes on the phone. 1 cusomter called me back up and asked me if i could finish the job i said yes i can for 5k. But your bid was 4800 and its all tore off. I said my price is what it is. You had a chance to go with a real contractor and you chose the cheapest person. His roof is sitting there with nothing over it and no shingles on the roof. Gotta love these con artists.


We have a storm coming through our area now. I am working for a guy right now. He is paying me 20$ a square to nail on 30 year shingles on a 8/12 and 12/12 pitch. He’s prolly making 30 a sqaure. But that’s how desprate I am for work :frowning:


yeah its hard to beleive that licensed roofing
companies are doin it for les then 200 a sq.

oh well gotta keep on keepin on.