Missing sealant strip. OK or not?

Hi, I have completed about 30% of my roof with owens corning duration shingles that have that sure nail strip. On the back there are tar strips that are covered with the cellophane plastic. The duration shingles have two strips with the plastic and the bottom edge has dashes of tar that have no plastic. That is three tar strips in all. Now the rest of my bundles of shingles only have two strips, the top and bottom and no center right where the nails go through.
I have been on the phone with OC and they said the shingles should be in spec.
Has anyone seen this before and should I be worried? I am on the ocean and will see hurricane force winds. Located in Rhode Island.

Those plastic strips are there to prevent the shingles from sticking together in their package. Nothing more


You’re fine, not a problem.

Agree with the others, nothing to worry about. The only strip that matters for instillation is the one without plastic. The other strips are for packaging.

I don’t care about the plastic. I was removing it to expose the raw asphalt. One of the strips says do not remove. The middle one does not and when I removed the old roof I saw a huge difference. Shingles that still had the plastic came off easily and were almost able to be reused. The ones where the strip was removed were so stuck together they came off in large chunks.
We re-roofed in 1991 just before hurricane Bob (contractors did not remove plastic strips). We removed the plastic from the shingles for the repairs in September thinking they would not have enough time to heat set before winter.
If the shingle companies did’t want the shingles to stick together in the packaging why wouldn’t they just change the entire back surface instead of dealing with theses strips? They cause a lot of plastic waste on job sites and storm cleanup.

The shingles are flipped opposing each other, so the tar lines don’t stick in the bundles. NOBODY pulls the plastic!

And the know it all homeowners never believe you either.


Well, I’ve pulled “flags” off the rakes before…

REMOVING THE PLASTIC STRIPS WILL NOT HELP YOUR ROOF SEAL DOWN BETTER!!! This is the #1 dumb belief in roofing (and there are a lot of dumb beliefs in roofing).

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There is no “raw asphalt” under that plastic strip that will help shingles seal down any better under that plastic.

I know you are using Owens Corning and not iko but this is the only video I could find from a manufacturer addressing the issue on short notice. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3mkg36Y-Fu8

It was dumb of me to ask. Contractors could never say anything that would put them on the hook for having to take the tape off like I did. It would be insane to do as far as cost and time not to mention the litter.
I’m going to listen to you and do the rest of my roof with the tape in place. My roof is now an experiment.

It’s not dumb of you to ask. I remember doing jobs when I was still in my teens with a 70 year old homeowner challenging me “why aren’t you pulling off the cellophane”? Eventually manufacturers stamped “DO NOT REMOVE “ on the strips and the older homeowners STILL pestered us about it. It is kind of a running joke with a lot of us long time roofers, although an annoying one. Can you imagine what the slightest breeze would do to that pile of cotton candy?