Missing Flashings?

Any help / advice would be greatly appreciated!
We are buying a new home that had the roof redone in 2018. Warranty is still in effect and says it will cover leaks and/or poor workmanship. During inspection, the roof was called out as missing flashings in several areas. Also, looks like they took down all of the gutters and just left some downspouts.
Are these things that the warranty would cover to fix? Or is this an acceptable job done by a roofing specialist?

The first three are missing flashings, the 4th looks how it should be (skylights).

It looks like you have stucco or drivit so adding flashing isn’t so simple but it still needs to be done.

Thanks Axiom.
Good to know that it isn’t a simple task. I was thinking about figuring out how to do it myself.
Do you think it’s reasonable to ask the original roofer to finish the job under warranty?

You can ask but they were the ones who left it that way so I wouldn’t expect too much from them.

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I disagree with your assessment that the skylights are properly flashed. The skylights are the “self-flashing” type with its own flange. The should have been “curb-mount” skylights that fit over a curb at least 8" off of the roof deck. So, improper skylights led to no curb and no 8" minimum “wall” for base flashing to turn up and them terminate at the top of the curb.

The other 3 pics are complete crap.


I agree with your assessment.

If they were a good company the details wouldn’t have been done that way. Most likely they will say warranty is not transferable.

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Appreciate the expert opinions.
I’m a realist but it’s good to know the ideal design. I’ll bring it up with the company and see what they say.
Looks like I may end up doing the research and doing it myself after all.