Miracote roof vs/EPDM membrane for flat roof

Does anyone have experience with the Miracote roofing system? I’ve gotten several different quotes on replacing our two flat roofs. The quotes using a rubber membrane are quite similar to that using the miracote roofing.

The roofing co. that recommended the Miracote is highly respected in our community and offers a 10 year warranty to cover the repair of any leaks due to installation. The companies offering the EPDM roofs offer a two year and six year warranty.

If weather is a factor in determining which material to use we live in Washington, D.C.

Any input is greatly appreciated.


I’m not real familiar with the miracote product but after looking at there site it appears they specialize in waterproofing walkable roof decks and patios.
Either way the warranty should be a material and labor warranty on both systems. If the contractor cant give a manufactures warranty they may not be the one for you.
On epdm the standard warranty is 10 years and if installed properly can last 30.

I’m not familiar with Miracote but it seems it is a coating, hence the name, heh. The EPDM is a new single ply roof system, the Miracote is just a coating that will give you a bit more life out of your existing roof.
So unless I am missing something one option is a new roof, the other is a coating. Either can work, it depends on your budget I guess.