Minnesota - Hail damage to roof - HELP HELP

I had 2 contractors came out and they said it has damage. Allstates came out and said it is not enough.
It was in the winter, roof was wet, etc… I don’t think it is a fair inspection. Now in April, I had another contractor checking it out and showed me that there are damage to the roof. Allstates said we need an apprasel now. Does anyone know the process and how much does it cost? The house on my left, right, back and front all got new roof. And THEY DO NOT HAVE ALLSTATES. what should I do now?


Read this page from this link.


It explains it very well and how to go about getting prepared for one.

The Appraisal Process is much more fair than when they try to shove Arbitration down your throat, since the Arbitration Judge is paid by them, so who do you think he sides with.

It does not typically matter whether or not any or all of your neighbors have had hail damage replacement, but rests solely on whether or not your home does and is within the contractual time limit from the insurable event.