Minimum wage


what is the minimum wage where you are? I hear lot of you say your pay crew a lot of money. here in clover sc minimum wage is $5.75 a hour. gas is $3.10 per gallon. Is gas and minimum wage the same where you are?


I would assume that the national minimum wage is the same all over the country since it is a federal item. That being said the company I work at pays new hire laborers about 10 to 12 dollars an hour.



Johnk said where he live the minimum wage was about $10. well here it is not that. minimum wage is only $5.75.


I always thought it was a National Standard across the entire country, but I just checked and it is not.

Click on this link and then click your state to see.




Thanks for pointing that out Ed I thought that it was also.

Well, I am never to old to learn something new.



I thought it was pretty cool to see too. I never realised that some states had no minimum wage laws. I just figured it was some hacks justifying how cheaply they can get away with paying, or not paying their workers.



well that is news to me that the minimum wage is different from state to stateā€¦thanks for the info


It is $7.15 in Alaska and right now gas is about $3.64 per gallon, but we start our laborers at $15 per hour.


in new york its 7.15 p/hr :wink:


PA is $7.15 and gas around $3.60