Metal Roofing System

A friend of mine is looking into new roofs and is very interested in getting a metal roof system. A church in our community recent went to an all metal roof and he really likes the idea of it. We live in Michigan and get all kinds of weather. I told him I would get the facts from the pros!


-Cost compared to asphalt shingle?
-Do they last much longer?
-Do most roofing companies install this product?
-Your opinion on them

Thanks again!

-Cost compared to asphalt shingle?
2x to 5x the cost of asphalt, can be more…

-Do they last much longer?

-Do most roofing companies install this product?
You should get a company experienced with it and has the required tools.

-Your opinion on them
I don’t really like them on residential with a few exceptions.
A metal roof looks good if the rest of the house is natural building products like stone, log, brick, etc.
Some of them are just plain butt ugly…

Q - Cost compared to asphalt shingle?

A - More.

Q - Do they last much longer?

A - Yes

Q - Do most roofing companies install this product?

A - Most commercial roofing companies, yes; most residential roofing companies, no.

Q - Your opinion on them

A - I like them. Be careful to remember and have snow and ice guards installed, or else you are going to hate the metal roof in places where you get lots of snow and ice. Also, remember to install a good underlayment, as metal roofs can leak just like any other roof system.

again i get 5vcrimp metal panels for 65 a sq.
shingles are 60.

hate to differ with Axiom
i post less, as not to repeat his
precise anknowlogys.

including accessories, you can double that price…

add skylight kits…very expensive

chimney metal and misc fabrications (NOT free)

ridge vent accessories…additional

standing seam with hidden fasteners…more money

and on and on and on and on

depends on the house.
if you got a cut up mansion then yeah,
youll run into a high accessories cost.
as you will with shingles.

most houses in central florida are 25 sq
4/12 or lower with a couple a valleys.
shingles i do for 5000
and metal i do for 6000

would rather do metal is easier and less

cost vs asphalt = 3x on average.

when properly installed, aluminum roofs will last well over 50 years.
a G-90 or Galvalume Steel should lat 40-50 years (if there is no deep scratches on the outside)

(5vcrimp that gweedo is talking about will last about 15 years. At 65/sq you can’t expect any kind of decent metal or finish, so either one will fail soon. dont waste the money on it if you are in Michigan.)

As far as companies installing it - only hire a roofer that specializes in this stuff. If some one “can” do it, chances are it will leak very soon.

PS, many people fail to mention architectural metal shingles when they talk about metal roofs. These look great and are perfect for residential roofs. When people say that some metal looks butt ugly, i assume they talk about vertical panels like 5vcrimp - exposed fateners, wide ribs, etc. These are made for commercial/barn type of roofs - not the 200 yr. old colonials…

About liking them… i do like metal roofs and think they are the best. Of course, as with any other roof, it all comes down to installation.

Good luck

A metal roof, whether it be a v-crimp, batten seam, standing seam, or simulated roof shingle patterns, is 10 times more dependant on the skill level of the installer and especially the proper flashing details.

They are actualy simple to install, for someone with an architectural sheet metal background, but that is not typical for a standard shingle roofing contractor.

The $ 65.00 type panels may not leak in the 15 year time span, but they surely wil fade and have significatn other aesthetic issues arise, even if properly installed.

A good quality metal system should be a 24 guage kynar 500 coted metal, with the seam or rib spacing at 16" O.C. for the best visual performance.

The prices range from 7.50 to 16.00 per square foot, depending on the difficulty factors and flashings involved.