Metal roof ridge cap question

ok I screwed up ordering my meal roofing and its 7" short of the peak. They will not take it back but said I could use a wider cap that hangs over like 11" on each side.

This would give me about 4" under the cap is this ok ?? I dont want rain to blow up and in. Also what keeps the bees from making nests up under the cap ?


Are the tops of the panels turned back, as in a back stop to inhibit water from being blown upwards on the slope of the roof?

If not, then order over-sized J-Channel metal to go under the top edge of the panel and extend far enough up the roof to achieve the proper and desired distance that it should have been installed to. Prior to screwing or pop-riveting them in place, apply a 1/4" bead of Geocell sealant sandwiched in between the two metals.

Good Luck on fixing the error.



Your Z-bar stops wind driven rain.

what is Z-Bar ??


humm clousers ?? I want to keep the rige open so if I install clousers how can it get air thru ?

I thought the foam clousers went at the bottom ???


The foam clousers will not vent.

Similar to what I was describing in the earlier post.


The vented ridge is a different detail altogether.

can someone who understands advise pls. The foam goes at the bottom, right ?

Then the ridge cap covers the ridge and down 4" or so on the metal roofing. I have my ridge cut out now.

So… what if anything needs to be done to stop wind blown rain from blowin up the roof ?

Also if you block the bottom of the metal with the foam how does the roof breath between the asphat and the metal with no airflow under the metal ?

I am starting to think I should have just re-roofed with an Archtech shingle over my one layer of three tab.

I am trying to stop the pine needles from working under the tabs of the 3 tabs I figured the metal would allow the needles to blow off or wash off or just lay there and not bother anything.

If I use the 12" cap to make up for my short metal will this be ANY problem ?

Thank you


No it will not be a problem. The foam closures go at the bottom.

Your panels still will not travel all the way to the top, by the vent hole cut out, so blowing rain WILL get inside of it, unless you install the over-sized J-Channel or Z-Flashing as you were previously instructed.


ok so even though my panels will be under the cap by 4" rain will still get up and inside ?? What do most installers do when they put on the metal.

I am not sure if I use oversize J wont it be higher than the perlings so the metal will still have openings for rain to got in ??

This is starting to feel like a nightmare. Again what stops the bees from getting uner the cap and nesting ?

I may just bag this project…


If I am not mistaken makes a vented foam closure. We have several boxes where I work. I will get the name of the company Monday and let you know.BTW what type of panels are you using?
Here is an installation guide. It might not be for your panels but it has a ridge vent detail which you can study and see what people are talking about. … _Guide.pdf

Hope this answers some of your questions.


The J-channel should be the same height as the ribs in the panel.



I was looking at the ridge detail and it is for a 7" stretch out but that will not matter. You can use it with the bigger cap.


look caveman.
sorry ive bee wanting to call you that for awhile.
sorry it took ten replys to ask you what kind of metal roof are we talkin bout.
thank you roofboy.

havin said that,
i dont care what kinda roof it is.
ya screwed up measurin it, so put the damn thing on .
put on the large cap, and wait for it to rain.

and bees make homes in metal roofs , tile roofs,
slate roofs,and god know what else.
buy some wasp spray.

so easy a caveman could do it.
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hahahah well I just want tp put it on the correct way. No rain blowing in. Its a McElroy Max Rib roof, Green in color the color of your mony Gweedo :roll:

a McElroy Max Rib roof?
ok cvcman, and anyone else readin.

what the hell is a McElroy Max Rib roof?

if its some kind of standin seam panel then youll be allrite.
ive put on alot of cap were panels were to short,
and it takes alot to make em leak.

youll be allrite.


ok dillweed, oh sorry ive been wanting to call you that too,lol :smiley:

If you knew anything about metal roofing, which is plain to see you dont, you would know the number one name in metal roofing around here is McElroy. The max rib is one style they sell its a raised rib panel that is screwed thru the metal with low wash screws.

If you want someone to install some for you do yourself a favor, dont call me :frowning: