Metal roof question


How would you do this metal roof without removing the stone?


The right side is also stone along the wall and has the old flashing which is 4 inches wide still there. Rest of roof is standing seam. Roofer made these custom panels for the area.


Along the right side wall they added this piece of metal over the old 4 inch flashing and then installed the metal horizontal panels over this piece with just Butyl tape in between. The right side continues to leak everytime it rains.


Is it real stone or stone veneer?. A roof such as that, here in the northeast we call a gusset. We would quote you flat lock copper fully soldered. The top Side would turn up the wall 4" and probably around 12 on the lower angled side. If it is real stone you can just cut a reglet into the stone and install a counter flashing. The same goes if it is veneer over masonry.


A dead valley into a stone wall…
Oh look at the fancy brains on this designer!

It might be the siding on that wall that is leaking

The flashing on that dead valley should be Extra tall. And the siding should have a good space between it and the roofing.

What a nightmare!!
I hate stone siding above a living space!!

I wouldnt warranty that “leak” without completely removing that siding above the dead valley.

The metal roof might not need to be replaced at all to fix this leak.
But the siding does need to be removed.