Metal Roof Or Siding Panel Identification

Scored these free and plan to use them on a porch roof. Need a manufacturer id
to find matching wall flashing if possible…34" width- 6.75" raised areas- 1/2" thick.

take an edge profile shot

I could be wrong but it
Looks like a foundation panel to me.
Attached to metal trusses on commercial buildings
You screw insulation board on top of it and then build a flat roof on top of that.

profile edge …

Looks like wall panels.

I think those are the sheets they used on the sides of old mobile homes.

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Not a good choice to make a roof out of for sure. Needs to have a much taller rib.

Better photo shows i was wrong and it is not a foundation panel.

At this point believe i’ll whip out an old piece of epdm and a can of yellow still good from last year[new hampshire purchase none in mass anymore].

Pretty sure that is aluminum awning stock.