Metal roof and Vent Pipe repair

I am just a widow with some bad leaks that need repair and no husband to fix them anymore. I want to try to do some things by myself if I can but I’m not that young for climbing on a roof… I fall I could break a hip. Thats how my husband just died.

I just have a few dumb questions. My roof is Metal but it appears that the leaks are coming from the roof vents and the edge or the roof where the gutters are attached. Also I think the whole back portion of the home need to be resealed.

I went onto Lowes and Home Depot and looked up different roof coatings. I’m opting for one that will cover, coat, seal and lower my cooling costs. I’m in south Florida. So it’s hot. I am also thinking about that flashing stuff. The self adhering type for the seams. Is that stuff any good?

I also want to replace the damaged vent pipe boot and flashing on 1 of my vent pipes (1 is damaged… it is lifted up a bit from the roof, probably from the last couple of minicanes that we had over the past year) I’m considering doing all of them prior to coating the roof. Here’s the deal… I can’t find anything except those Perma boots which have good reviews except on here, so I thought I would ask you guys since you are all experts. Oh… I might have help from my brother with some of this. I hope.

I cant find any other boots on the market in any store. Do people just use Caulk? … That looks pretty tacky. It would be nice to cover it.

I need help. Advice… thanks. Oh, and did I mention Metal Roof… any parts need to be for a metal roof.



What is your location?

From the questions you asked I can tell you are in over your head. I applaud your ambition but I think you are gonna spend a lot of time and $ on materials that’s gonna do nothing to help your roof. Bite the bullet and find a pro. If you want you can post some pics and we call tell you what we feel should be done.


Metal roofs are slippery by nature, apply a coating and multiply that factor. As island said post some pictures for the best advice.

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