Metal Ridge Vent over Asphalt Shingles?


Hello Everyone: I am in the middle of purchasing a home. We had the home inspection done and the home inspector says that the ridge vent does not have cap shingles on the top of it and that needs to be corrected. Seller is saying it 's an aluminum ridge vent and does not need shingles on top of it. The ridge vent is over a regular asphalt shingled roof, not a metal roof.

The seller is having a roofer come over to confirm their statement. I have tried to find a roofer to visit the home for us, but because they are all so very busy, none of them are willing to go over there, even if we pay them a consult fee. So, looking for information here. Can anyone give me their professional opinion?



There is such a thing as aluminum ridgevent for asphalt roofs, it comes in 10’ pieces.


As axiom said there is such a thing. It was pretty popular in my area 15-20 years ago. Still see it in use fairly often. As long as it is securely nailed to the roof there is nothing wrong with it. It is not as widely used as other types of ridge vent today, possible your home inspector never saw it before.


I get so irritated when I hear home inspectors finding things “wrong” with roofs that are actually perfectly acceptable…


This aluminum ridgevent looks kinda chincy but it works pretty good, as good or better than the shingle over variety.


It can be argued it is not as attractive as shingle over ridgevent.
I think it can be argued that it functions better.
It fails when you think all you need is your nailgun.


Thanks everyone!! Appreciate the explanations!