Metal pricing

Hey can someone give me a ballpark average on what standing seam metal roofing install prices are ? kinda cut up 4 valleys 2 chimneys Thanks


I figure out how long it will take me. Then I figure out what I need for myself and what I need to stay in business for that amount of time.

There you have your price. Any lower and you will go out of business.

I can not price my work according to people that will be out of business in a few years.

First, figure your square footage and multiply material cost by 115 - 120% to account for waste. Add in your indirect materials & expenses, indirect labor costs, direct labor costs, taxes, and profit; and you pretty much have it! :mrgreen:

standing seam is much much harder to install than a pbr or 5vcrimp panel.
i have to get 500 a sq and up to make any money with standin seam.
i have a very good metal source called gulfside supply
in horshoe beach fla. 888-393-0335(ray)
youll find great metal panel prices there.

dont forget to use galvalume.
painted or mill.


Tin or steel. Material and labor around $1k for tin, $800. for steel.