Metal fasteners

Hey guys,our specialty it’s to install asphalt shingles. Last week we got a call from a home owner,saying he has a small commercial building 43 squares 2:12 pitch. He said he would like to know the difference between a sheet metal and a thermoset roofing system as far as price cost and he also asked us what kind of metal fasteners are more compatible with all kind of metals?? our answer was stainless steel.
after we explained to him the cost of the thermoset system,he was wondering according to the florida code how many layers of roofing flashing membrane we have to use?? we said two layers. were we right or wrong??? Thanks

any input will be greatly appreciated :?:

Question doesn’t make sense. If you are thinking about a thermoset like EPDM membrane there is only one layer. For a 2:12 pitch (if it is a wood deck)you will need some sort of thermal barrier like 1/4" Dens Deck to get a fire rating.

you’re right donl, question doesn’t make a lot of sense. The customer was asking about how many plies will the roof system is going to be? he was wondering if he could get a two plie thermoset system.
according to the NRCA;Do you know what’s the fire classification on the corrugated steel roofing??As far as I know it’s under the A classification,but I’m not sure :?

What is a thermoset jax?

Hey borna, A thermoset system is a singleply membrane with flexible sheet materials that are used in one-ply or one layer configuration for low slope systems; the three most common subcategories for thermoset are Ethylene propylene diene monomer or terpolymer{EPDM}
Is that a good explanation or you need more details??
Don’t get it wrong but I’m just posting what the customer is asking. So, what about the right fire classification for the corrugated steel roofing, Borna ??? :mrgreen:

I wanted to be sure you were talking single plys. Sometimes people misspeak like calling mod bit a rubber roof. Like the name says single ply means one ply. In the field or on the flashing one layer is it.
Most all metal roofing gets a class A.

Hey borna, I want to apologize for not being clear on my first topic,Iam no expert on this two systems {thermoset and sheet metal} I have been too busy or lazy to go to the building dept. to find out about my concerns, so I thought I threw these questions in to the forum for the experts to answer. so,if you don’t mind what kind of metal fasteners are more compatible with all kind of metals?? :?:

Like you said stainless is the most compatible across the board.

Thank you for the input BORNAROOFER :smiley:
I thought it was carbon steel or stainless sreel :smiley: