Meatl meats shingled roof

Iright now I have a metal roof
the valley leaks
I want to put a shingled roof over my porch that matches the metal on my roof there is a piece of aluminum that comes out from undernearth the “main house” metal roofing that is nailed over the porch roof…what do I do with the piece of aluminum is I want to take the metal roof off of the porch and use shingles…

Hi Nurse.

It sort of depends on if the extended piece of sheet metal also goes up the slope of the main roof.

The shingles can not end up at the roof slope transition area without proper flashings installed on top of them, and also under the metal roof on the main house.

You may have to find someone who can loosen the metal panels to allow the shingles to get installed under the metal.


I can send a pic if that would be of any help :):):slight_smile:

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none the less, i think that peace of aluminum is were your goin to tuck your new porch roof under.
if that helps any.


right now I have a metal roof////roof on the higher pitches part of house and roof on the porches…Both porches leak now…back porch leaks in the valley…where the metal roof from the higher pitched part meets the porches it has a silver metal piece than hangs down about 6" and it nailed the the high part of the rib on the back porch it,on the higher pitched part of the roof it is up under the old shingles that the metal is nailed to…and it is nailed to the high part of the metal roofing…i want to put shingles on the roof,thats right take off the metal on the back porch and put up shingles…my main question is what do I do with the piece of thin metal that is underneath the old shingles that is nailed onto the high part of the back porch roof…is that supposed to prevent leaks or what does it do :slight_smile:

oh lord.


Wouldn’t it be simpler to figure out why the valleys leak and fix that?

As for that piece of metal, from your description it seems to be the flashing sealing the transition between the two roofs. Take it out and you will have more leaks.

Also what Ed said.

It sounds to me as if your upper or higher roof is shingles. That the porch roofing is metal. They meet together at the lower edge of the shingle roof. This is a channel piece of metal that is made to extend under the shingles form the top roof and allows the metal roof
to tie-in to it. This is known ad a Drip edge J channel lock type of edge metal to divert water from the shingle roof to flow down and off the lower metal roof. This keeps the water from running down between both roofs as to avoid leaking problems along your walls. You should get a Roofer to quote this job for you as it is very involved. Do Not remove this piece of flashing as you will have big problems. If Leaks are your main concern, have a roofer look at them to determine the problem that is causing them first, If aesthetics (looks)is an issue
get some quotes for the roofing.