Material price

What do you pay for your GAF/ELK Timberline prestique high defintion shingles? I am in sc and I get them at a good price. Do you like these shingles or do you use some other shingle that you like better?

we use them exclusivly and pay (depending which supplier i order from) $43-51/sq.

i think home owner pricing is like $53-55/sq

Thank you! I think they are good shingles. I have been using them for about 10 years now.

46 per square in Ohio…Until April 1st when they jump to 51.00

Im a big fan of the shingles. But they took Elk’s product and put the GAF name on it. Its still Elk’s shingle.

The benefit is the ability to offer upgraded warranties.

GAF borrowed 1 billion dollars to buy Elk. So they pay 300 thousand dollars per day in interest. The shingle market is soft right now…One can only imagine that this will eventually lead to financial probs for GAF Corp.

Thank you! Yes the shingle market is slow here. I would like to know how is the other markets. Thank Each and Every One for all you do. You all help me so much.

i dont care about the economy. if you have a good reputation…people will call. everyone has a roof, and at somepoint everyone will need a roof.

you are right.

To Marshall:

I agree that every one will need a roof at some point, BUT, in bad economy your margins drop as so many low-ballers drive prices down to the point of working for “free” If your area average is $200 and you charge $300, no matter the reputation, you’ll loose a lot of business to the cheaper guy, since too many people just cannot afford $300. That is just how it is, and it really sucks for every one including the home owner, because at $200 no one will go out of their way to pursue the quality. They’ll cut costs and corners…

Just the sad reality.

Low ballers affect thier own prices, not your price. Unless of course you let them. There are still plenty of hard working people who still want a quality job done for an affordable price.