Material for walkable roof deck

We are remodeling in the San Francisco Peninsula and putting in a new roof deck (approx 800 square feet) over living space. It seems the main walkable deck products are IB’s DeckShield, Dec-k-ing, Duradek, and DekTek, but we can’t really tell the difference between them. Would greatly appreciate any advice as to which is a solid, good value product. Thanks in advance!

They are all good the most important part is a good installation.

I would suggest that you use companies that make their own membrane. You might be getting the same product under another name for more money.

That’s good to know, thank you!

That makes sense, thank you! Do you know if any of these products are made in-house–how would I tell?

I know that DeckRite is made in house in the U.S. I’m not sure about the others. I think DuraDeck and IB use membrane made in Canada.

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