Material availability in Storm Struck regions

Any of you guys out there have any idea what lead time is like on laminates in storm damage areas? What does a sq of 30 year laminate run you guys?

Does anybody know of any independently owned supply houses that are in need of material to fill demand?

Thanks guys…


cmon guys any feedback?

I can go in and buy them tomorrow (they are closed at the time of this writing), put them in my truck and apply them when I arrive at the job.
Some shingles are special order, in which case I may need to wait a week or even up to 2 weeks.

What is your question?
Are there no shingles available in your area?

I havent had any availablity issues either.

no availability problems just really expensive since GAF bought elk

I’m a sales rep for a supplier in Seattle. I was just asking because my certainteed rep told me that there were shortages, but mostly in the south.

We’ve been battling price increases as you all know, all year. Totally unprecedented. I just wanted to see what the market is like in other regions around the country.

Right now, we have 30 year laminates ranging from low 60’s to mid-upper 70’s /sq. thats rooftop price.

do your suppliers charge bundle and fuel charges for rooftop and delivery?

What low end laminates are popular? IKO? Pabco?

Oh yeah, how much would a 1/2" premium cca split shake cost per square?

Any feedback is appreciated.

As of today Landmark 30’s are $78/sq

GAF/ELK timberline prestique 30 yr are @ $72/ square my price.

I believe Pabco are area specific to your region.

Here in southeast Texas, we haven’t experienced any shortages. The first 2 weeks after Ike, we didn’t have weatheredwood, but that is now not a problem. Elk/GAF is plentiful, OC is everywhere, Certainteed is not a seller in this area except for builders. Tamko is available. I haven’t noticed any shortages at all. HD 30 is running $78. till the end of the month. We get a better deal from a distributer if we want to pick it up and deliver, but really not worth the trouble. I noticed that Home Depot, Lowes, McCoys, local lumber yards, pretty much have same prices and tons of pallets.

77 per sq oc duration 30yr

$88 a square for Landmark’s can get any color next day to the roof top. Compared to the other shingle houses here in MN the price is average. Some shingle houses can’t get certain colors though.

About a month ago there were some shortages of certain colors but my lumber yard guy said they put even the Weathered Wood off alocation.

Laid the Duration for the first time the other day and really liked them. Some issues with color differences but overall very pleased with the shingle. 3 installers nailed down 55 squares in 5 hours with them, two laborers.

87$ landmark in huntington WV

Hey Guys,

I really appreciate all of the feedback. This has been a crazy year of price increases and slow sales due to the economy. I am just increasing my knowledge and I am thankful for the help. materialman