Matching help needed

I could use some pointers. Feel free to chime in even if it’s a guess.

This job is for a friend which helps. Wind damage to a garage roof. The goal is to get the upper roof preapproved for replacement due to the roofs not matching. It’s old black 3tabs that are now closer to gray. Only damage to the upper roof was 9’ of cap. What are some steps, documentation, and steps that will help? Previously I have been involved in some insurance claims and have a basic understanding of the process.

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I have a bigger interest in helping people I know something about so here is the shortest snapshot of me I can come up with: 20 years roofing, the majority of the time in the residential market. I’ve always worked for decent, legit contractors other then my first roofing employer. Past two years I’ve been working commercial roofing. I carry insurance and spend my free time working on residential roofs. I got burned out of my previous job being a working project manager, overseeing a good amount of men.

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Did you do a brittle test on the upper roof?

Do you have matching in Ohio? There is no matching requirement for most states. The key words are “uniform appearance”.

Suppqueen - A brittle test on the upper roof has not been done. On the garage it failed.

Authentic_Dad - Ohio is considered a matching state. Here is the code copy and pasted. It was a long and boring read to find it.

When an interior or exterior loss requires replacement of an item and the replaced item does not match the quality, color or size of the item suffering the loss, the insurer shall replace as much of the item as to result in a reasonably comparable appearance.

What steps would you suggest the customer take next? I’m 95% certain that the shingle is a Certainteed. I loose laid a bundle on the roof for a comparison view.

I’m not sure of all the circumstances. First, I’d have the Homeowner make calls to their Agent and then move their way up the ladder at the Insurance Company. I’d find out the emails for the VP of Claims on down through management to the Adjuster. Send a professional email asking how the photo shown meets the law/code requirements of the State of Ohio. Copy the Head of the State Department of Insurance and the States Attorney General.

Next step could be appraisal, PA or Attorney. Not sure if Appraisal applies with this one, depends on circumstances, policy language and insurance laws in Ohio. If appraisal isn’t applicable, show it to you really competent PA and get their advice. I would think making themselves a major pest until they get the answer they deserve from the IC has a reasonable chance of succeeding.

Thanks for the response. Your answer is what I was looking for.

Awesome answer. The homeowner must get deeply involved on this. Shouldn’t they be prepared to send in a signed Proof of Loss too when they submit it to the Dept of Insurance?

The old shingle looks like

CERTAINTEED xt25 nickel grey