Manufacturers certification


Wondering how many guys out there are certified with GAF, Certainteed or other manufacturer. I’m going to get certified by at least one but I’m not for sure yet. I don’t like GAF’s no compete clause, but they by far offer the best warrantee which is a great selling feature to homeowners. I also like certainteed shingles better than GAF but warrantee is no where near the same. Any input greatly appreciated


We are by GAF. Besides the warranty nothings really different. Being able to give a 20 year warranty where the homeowner does not have to worry about anything is a huge selling point. Only thing is you have to pay for it but it pays for itself and you actually do have to take a so called “test” but basically you just copy things down. Simple. I am thinking about becomming certified by Owens and Certainteed just because theres bascially nothing to do for it and why not?

I would suggest GAF just because of the warranty if thats whaty ou are looking for. It makes a huge difference to say "majority of my competitors offer no more than what the manufacturer has and thats only on the material for 5 years and you have to pay for anything else where as with gaf you can say hey its a 20 year warranty that will cover everything, including labor, if anything goes wrong. Makes people feel better about a big investment that is going to protect there biggest investment.


I agree w/BamBam…I am Gaf/Elk cert…it is a strong warranty,and they give you a bunch of sales tools along with it. The only thing I don’t like is that if you are not doing enough roofs for master elite,you don’t show up as a certified contractor on Gaf. web site. I had to overcome that one with a customer but it wasn’t hard. That job was a lead from my web site.34 sq. 1 layer tear off,re-work 15 skylites = 12,000.00…SWEET!!!Next bidder was 20,000.00,I don’t think he wanted the job…YOU THINK…He was a handy man in the neighborhood,lol…


I think it really dosent mean crap to push warranties that they really don’t need.BTW we are certified on most roofing products and manurfacturers. What really matters is your good name and customer service, not some certificate you could get out of a craker jack box.


Im not a big fan of selling warrantys.


I dont sell any warranties. I “include” them. I have been finding that it makes a difference in todays market because people dont have to worry about spending the money twice incase something is wrong.


I agree that warrantee should be “included” and not sold. GTP-what do you find to be effective selling techniques? Do you do door to door sales?


Well I think my custumers are paying enough money already for me to have to absorb or add in a warranty that they do not need. Look what stock costs now.


I have t agree w/BamBam again…My competitors sell the warranty if at all,and I include it,It is a helpful sales tool and gives them 1 more reason to go w/me vs. some 1 else. I also have had prospects that don’t care what coverage they get,they just want the lowest price and can’t see why they should pay for a cert., insured, lagit. contractor when the other guy wants 60.00 a sq. labor,w/tail light warranty…when you can’t see the tail lights any more the warranty is expired…
I have a great reputation for quality and service with no disgruntled customers.The cert. adds more peace of mind,and a bigger name behind the job.Gaf should be around long after I am gone…and who knows where I’ll be in 10 yrs…



We include the Smart Choice warranty. The Golden Pledge is an upgrade.


I was using all the products to qualify with Gaf smart choice warranty before I was certified…That is what I mean when I tell customers that they get so much more than the other guy when I sell a roof…


We are master elite. We include “system plus” warranty on all roofs. We like GAF because of all the marketing tools. Almost everything that they offer, we use. It all works if you understand what it is mean to do. It has helped grow us from $500,000 a year in a small rural county with less than 50,000 population to over $1,200,000 in the same county. We are soon to open branches in Syracuse and Fairport (Rochester suburb)both major metro areas.


Its all about GAF making more money. we used to give away the prepaid smart choice warranty as well and were in the program right from the beging, GAF ME#00058. but im also a realalist and been in the roofing industry too long to drink there spiked kool aid. Its all about our own warranty and word.