Mansards (three tap)


I just finished a project, flat roof, with 4 ft. mansard. The old one was covered with tar, I decided to install shingle with nice design but not too expensive. I installed three tap starting with every 5 in. (which is usually done with 6in.), looks unusual, but really nice. So I wanted to ask your opinion whether you think this technique is appropriate ?


I think what you did works…personally i would have torched counters right up that wall.


I would have done my coating on the wall first. THere will be a void just below the shingles when you coat it. No UV protection at that critical spot. Otherwise, OK.


The way you shingled it,up here in BC it is called california style,and have never had problem with it. 8)


just fyi, its “TAB”


The Tabs are 12 inches.
So half of that would be 6 inches.
The highest quality and distance of getting your nails and seams away from the “water line” is 6 inches.

Indeed, **It does work **mechanically on a mansard and all steeper roofs.
Though I wouldn’t do it on a 4/12 pitch or below.

What torchdown material did you use??
It looks like You/he cared about his work.
Good job!!


2 roof-lover:
Thanks, man.
I used GAF. I tried TAMCO, which is cheap, but doesnt always work for summer time. This technique really helps me out on hip roofs though, or where it’s too dangerous to install torch uder the metal flashing.


looks real good!! I personally like to use granular torch down and architectural shingles- unless you are matching an adjacent area-- the looks are usually cleaner specially if there are windows or doors leading out into the roof area.


never seen a patten like that around here. Looks crazy without 6" offset.


Are the three tab shingles that you are talking and writing about metric or standard sized? If they are standard why not use a five inch setover as many of those shingle manufacturers used to specify on their shingle wrapper.


People in my circle call that the ‘Texas 5’. I don’t care for the look personally.

Its harder to find defects in the pattern. Which is good if you have a novice installer…

I’ve never seen someone installing it. We do find it on some of the condo TO’s we do.