Man made composit roof shingles

I’ve been looking for some man made composite type shingles that have a little flex to them, to roof these draped roof azumaya designs like this one

The roof has a compound curve and I always use cedar shingles which will bend a little to the curves.

I’ve only handled one type of M M shingle and it was pretty stiff. Are there any out there that can flex, a little anyway??

Maybe composite is the wrong word. I’m trying to find a man made to replace cedar shingles, but they need to be able to flex a little bit.

a customer of mine can’t use cedar or any wood shingle, that’s why I need a faux shingle and the bend they need to make isn’t that much.

You could look at GAF Glenwood. It’s not cheap. It resembles wood shakes. I used a paper cutter to cut it. It does crack easily if bent too far.

I have used enviroshake a time or two,it doesn’t take well to curves but can be done.
I think asphalt may be your best option.
I just looked at your photos,I think enviroshake would just fine to your gazebos

Sorry I should have also said these will be installed over skip sheathing so asphalt’s out.

You are really making it hard now. I don’t know of anything other than wood or metal that can go over spaced sheathing and metal certainly isn’t going to bend.

My first thought is that composite product will have a short life span in a flexed position. Second thought would to use hardiboard siding, with a little doctoring to keep it water tight. Third thought is to make your own shingles if they made a composite in 1/2" thickness. Maybe you could make your own shingles and run a router around 3 sides to give it a nice look. That would be pretty labor intensive and also subject to premature failure in a flexed position.

Try to get ahold of a sales rep for the various composite manufacturers, they may have an idea.

Enviroshake would also be very unattractive on visible skip. The underside is not meant to be seen.

Find a pro shingle man…the shingles can be bent in a steam cabinet. That’s how it has been done for a hundred years.

We can’t use wood shingles in this case Doni, that’s why I’m looking for faux alternatives.