Low slope residential roof - DIY


I only use bostitch nails. Generics electro rust over night…lol


We only use aluminum base prefab boots and give every customer option to upgrade to fully soldered slate style custom pipe collars for 150$ extra per, and include them on grand manors and carriage jobs. We sell alot of those upgrades, the only true lifetime boot to go with a “lifetime” shingle.


I have used some of the lifetime tool pipe boots with great success on standing seam jobs. They are a great product and would use more but dealing with mainly 50+ year old homes they are a bit tricky getting all of the right accessories ordered for cast and galvanized pipes. On shingle jobs it is alot easier to Fab up copper ones in the field.

I guess I missed something, is someone still using galvanized chimney caps when stainless are like 10$ extra?


I’m ignorant - why is this? Want it hot so it stays drier?


Yes, in a cold/wet climate or where little sunlight can get in.

And also When the shingles start to streak and look ugly, they are much less noticeable with the darker colors.


Grand Manor and presidentials look best longest round here. Landmarks do pretty well for first 15 yrs then start looking a bit dingy. Weathered wood is 90% of the color chosen here.



temp at 11 a.m last spring.


Surface temp same time…


You can get a residential warranty for EPDM,TPO,PVC from WeatherBond (the residential part of Carlisle). They offer limited lifetime and material warranties for no charge. Also, DuroLast and IB offer PVC residential warranties.

Keep in mind that the warranties from every company are for the benefit of the manufacturer.

Axiom, retired Carlisle rep. I was also in the roofing business years ago, tile, comp, bur,single ply. I’ve seen more than my fair share of roofing.


God I would die for my thermometer to show anywhere near 141 right now as I sit in the truck not wanting to get back out.


Lmao…I hear ya. Winds were chilly today