Low slope residential roof - DIY


I understood your point from the beginning axiom. But also found the timing of said point to be a slight on “my” point…which was that if you install a roof perfectly and the material has a defect…you want to be sure the mnfg warranty is in full effect and enforceable.:+1::+1: I “install” every day right beside my crew and like you…we go steps further even than required. You make valid points…but strict adherence to specs is always first.


example…peel under “and” over pipe boots. Extra step for a lil peace of mind…:slight_smile:


We set pipe boots in a bed of cement then shield over. Personal I would have used 10" more of shield and lapped under the felt above. To each there own. I see way too many roofers on here and in person reusing pipe boots. It is all about following the specs but also using common sence and taking the time to do it right.


You know you are doing something right when a shingle customer from the late 80’s calls you back and buys another roof from your company. Had two such jobs in past year.


We never use the all black plastic plumbing flashing.
Being a roofing repairman, i’ve learned they all dry rot and warp their way out of shape within half of the shingles life…


Try a perma boot. They work…


Looks like a perma piece of shit under that piece of ice and water shield.


Guess you don’t use good pipe boots. I’ve NEVER seen the “base” decay unless it is twice its intended age. I also have just in the last couple years gone back to reroof a couple homes we did the original roof on MPA. Amazing how long a proper install can last. 23 yrs out of a 20 yr 3 tab…1 tab had blown off.


@roof_lover…what are you referring to “under” that pipe boot?


There is no other plumbing flashing that is less regarded and is less respected than the all black plastic plumbing flashing. None!

The rubber gasket and or the frame work of the rubber gasket rots away.
The plastic base deforms and rips itself away from its fasteners.
Im surprised you dont know this.

and since you seem to need more clarification
I’ll bring up the underlayment also.
If you are going to install 15 pound underlayment,
Use asphalt saturated D.226 15 pound.
It has a yellow line drawn on it.
Demand that your supplier carry it!
There are 30 pound underlayments without the D.226 classification that is good.
But 15# felt without the D.226 classification?
Not even allowed to be installed on homes here anymore.
Thank God!


That looks like a Oatey boot, I don’t like them myself since they tend to crack and split in the cold but the rubber seal on them is pretty good.

Trying wrap my head around way you would want to start pissing up a rope over something so trivial.


Lol…that’s #30 felt…I’m surprised you don’t know that.


Ive only seen builders and homeowners buy the plastic plumbing flashing.
Because they dont know any better.
No Roofing contractors around here buy them because we all have seen how fast they deteriorate and fail.
They dont even supply them at the roofing supply house.
You can only get them at the hardware store.


And yes axiom…it is an oatey. Have you seen the perma boot yet? Didn’t use on this job because of old iron vent pipes.


We use only oatey or copper boots.


Metal bases rust to quick here. Just a point…I’ve installed a minimum of 10000 oatey pipe boots. Not 1 ever had a failure except torn ring by installer. Yes I said 10,000…


Ive never seen a metal base deform
Or rust through In the life of a shingle.
But that is here in florida.


So ya’lls galvanized Metal roofs dont last
Very long then around there, dang that sucks.


No they don’t. I live in the land of waterfalls…literally. Moisture here is really hard on metal. Even painted has to be cleaned every couple years due to mildew and algae growth. Same with galvanized chimney caps.


So yall really got to use the very best nails too!
Ahhh, every region has there needed technique.
Id make sure my customers knew that areas under the trees were prone to pre-mature failure.
Sounds like in your area you really want all roofing to be bathing in sunlight.
And id definitely feel justified in suggesting darker colors.