Low slope nail patterns


Should a different nail pattern be used to install architectural shingles on a slope of 3/12.



Just make sure your nails are far from the side laps.



In addition it would be best to hand nail the low slope portion and whether you hand nail or use a nail gun you should invest in hot dipped galvanized or better nails.

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Make sure every nail is in the double thickness portion of the shingle. Most low slope leaks I see in shingles are from high nailing. If the nails are above the double thickness it pulls the top half of the shingle down right to the deck forming a troph Dr water to sit in.

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So are you saying stay away from the end of the shingle? Normally I use a four nail pattern |. . . .| an inch away from the ends and then every 12 inches
Are you saying | … |



Make your butt joints a bit bigger and take care to keep nails 4"+ from the butt joints.



You use 4 nails? I didn’t even know that was allowed anymore.



Manufacturer instructions call for 4 nails under standard conditions. Pet peeve of mine is 5 nailers, but I get it at the same time.

What/why is the standard pattern in your area tileman?

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I don’t know all manufacturers requirements as we mainly install Malarkey.
To get their high wind warranty 6 nails are required. We have always 6 nailed even before using Malarkey. Just have to make sure the installers keep them away from butt joints.



It depends on the manufacturer. Many require ice and water in order to not void the warranty. I’d call the manufacturers area rep if you’re unsure.