Low pitch roof with skylight

We are having out roof replaced and we have a skylight on an addition with a low pitch roof. This is presently done with ice and rain and shingled. The contractor wants to use flintastic cap by certainteed instead of shingles and says it costs more, To us it looks like something for a porch or shed, not a house and looks cheap. What is standard for this sort of issue?

It is better for your roof and may actually be code. Since we are not allowed to put shingles on low slope roofs.
It does cost more, but not too much.
The cost difference wouldnt be huge
Since you say it is just a porch addition.
About 35 dollars additional per 100 square feet
For the additional cost of their product and underlayment.

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It’s not a porch, but a second living area with a skylight. I am concerned that it will look junky as this is about 180 sq ft room interior. Is it standard to put flintastic cap on part of the actual roof?

On a low slope application such as yours, yes.

Reframe the roof so it can be shingled! Simple fix.

Yes yes yes
Yes, its standard.
Its expected!
Its correct.
Its the right product.
It will match the shingles.
Hes giving you a pitch specific product.
Hes doing the right thing.
Dont make him put shingles on something hes not supposed to just because the last guy did it
And it probably wasnt inspected.

180 sq feet is so small i wouldnt have mentioned that it cost more.
Less than 100 dollars additional.
But maybe i needed to Explain that it cost more in order to overcome
The “cheap” or junky objection.

Skylights are prone to leaks, even if you demand shingles he probably won’t warranty it. Blame the engineers on the pitch. But it’ll probably turn out clean looking.