Low pitch roof , 10% of water not getting into the gutters


I have a 2-12 pitch roof and I am having an issue with 10% of the water not getting into the gutters. In the winter I had a ice dam build up and had the water come in between the facia and the sheathing. I had a roofer suggest to rip up the brand new shingles and put on torch on. There must be a quick fix. Can I do something else with the drip edge? Or does it look like the shingles can be over lapped over the drip edge better? Any suggestions ?image000007003



Violated code by installing a dimensional shingle on a 2 pitch. The roofer should have known better.



The water you see getting behind the gutter is likely not the only water getting under the shingles. At 2/12 the roof should never have been shingled. The roofer who suggested torch down had the right answer. You need a low slope product, not shingles.