Low Contrast Shingle - GAF Timberline Natural Shadow?

I am about to put a new roof on a small one-story brick house with a high-contrast tan brick pattern. The bricks range from pale tan to dark brown. I have noticed that the major trend in shingles these days is high-contrast architectural shingles (e.g. Certainteed Landmark weathered wood). I have also noticed (from driving around town) two things about high-contrast shingles: 1) they look natural on large two-story houses, but they can make a smaller house look “toy-like”, and 2) houses with high-contrast brick and a high-contrast roof can look confused and almost “camoflage”, like mixing a striped tie with a plaid shirt. I feel I need a low-contrast roof given my existing brick color (which I am highly reluctant to paint). However, the major shingle brands available in my area (certainteed, tamco, pinnacle) seem to only offer high-contrast color patterns. In fact, the only major shingle I have found anywhere that isn’t high-contrast is the GAF/Elk Timberline “Natural Shadow” shingle. I would guess that I can get it in my area, but I don’t know. Can anyone comment from experience on the quality of the GAF/Elk Natural Shadow shingle, or suggest another high-quality low-contrast shinge? I live in Little Rock, AR. Thanks!

Tamko Heritage, colors of Rustic Cedar and Natural Timber are pretty subdued and not very varigated in color juxtapositions without that random character that some more unique color schemes lean towards.


natural shadow is just the old Timberline look. GAF in there infinite wisdom has decided to make things confusing by intergrading ELK . I will only use the natural shadow GAF.

[quote=“ed the roofer”] juxtapositions

huh? :shock:

Random juxtaposition, two random objects moving in parallel, a technique intended to stimulate creativity.

The Free Dictionary Online:
To place side by side, especially for comparison or contrast.

The act or an instance of placing two or more things side by side; also : the state of being so placed.


Glad you knew what it meant and I just thought you forgot to use the spell check. lol :lol:

It gets too boring using the same descriptive words all of the time, hence my Hard Copy of the Heritage Dictionary next to my office computer at all times.


Come on guys,you didn’t know what juxtaposition was?LOL

You need to find better use of your time ed if you are looking in that book for new words to use.

Tamko sucks one step above IKO

Ok, I have one vote for GAF Timberline Natural Shadow, one suggestion of Tamko Heritage, and one comment Tamko sucks.

Let me put the question another way. In the past two months, how many roofs did you do that were:

a) high-contrast (speckled)?
b) low-contrast (uniform in color)?
c) how big were the houses (one story or two story)?
d) what shingles did you use?
e) how did they look?


Here are some links for visualization softwares, so that you can play around and see for yourself.


This is Certainteeds Shingle Roof Visual Designer
certainteed.com/CertainTeed/ … Visualize/

This is GAF/Elks Shingle Roof Visual Designer
gafelk.chameleonpower.com/defaul … +Designing

This is Ownes Cornings Shingle Roof Visual Designer
exteriorfx.owenscorning.com/exte … Welcome.do

This is a generic version that you can use too

Gaf/ELK will discontinue the Natural Shadow in a year or two…Just a hunch.

I know it would cost a little more but Cedar shakes would look great on that brick building.